95% of Guatemala's water is found to be contamined and too dangerous to drink. The majority of people drink from contaminated rivers and wells causing a varity of reoccuring sicknesses. 1 in 20 Guatemalan children will die before they reach the age of five.

The number one complaint in our mobile and regular clinics is some type of intestinal discomfort including diarerah, vomiting, parasitic infections, and worms to name a few. The vast majority of these illnesses can be traced to the ingestion of contaminated water. Most people in Guatemala either don't have access to clean water, can't afford it's cost or are simply ignorant that contaminated water is the cause of their sicknesses.

What's the answer?

1. Education -- Educating the people that frequently it is

   contaminated water that is causing their illness and demonstrating

   simple ways they can purify their water at home.

2. Letting the community decide for themselves that purification of

    water for their community is essential for improved heath.

3. Finding lasting solutions:  Working with each community to

   develop and execute a plan for large scale water decontamination

   in their communities using their own resources at hand.

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