Healthcare is a luxuary in Guatemala. Although there is a governement healthcare system in Guatemala, the system is severly underfunded causing an inability for the people to receive any type of treatment due to a lack of access to doctors and resources. Frequently, local hospitals and clinics are without the most basic medicines and supplies.

Much of the population only has access to government run health clinics which are far and few in between. 80% of all doctors are located in the capital city of Guatemala, making specialist inaccessible to almost all those living outside of the capital due to a lack of funds or inability to leave their jobs to attend appointments which are many hours away in a bus.

Frequently, illnesses are misdiagnosed by a combination of apathy by medical providers and a lack of access to diagnostic equipment and laboratories. More than 1/2 of all people have no financial resources to pay for any type of medical treatment.

Advance Global and God Said Go Missions are attempting to fill the gap in many of the small remote areas of Guatemala. This is accomplished by:

1. Prevention -- Teaching the people the causes of common illnesses and

                          strategies for overcoming them.

2. Diagnostics -- Our desire is to bring these services to the communities which

                           need it most.

3. Treatment -- Providing the necessary medications and treatment.

Advance Global and GSG Missions uses

healthcare as a means to share the

Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people.

Frequently our clinics are outdoors and even under a tree!!

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